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Shri Brahammagnana Pureeswarar Temple

Temple’s Peculiarity

This age old temple is in Keezha Korukkai. This temple has Lord Shiva as its presiding deity along with his consort Goddess Pushpavathi. As the temple is very ancient it is little bit worn-out and the path to this temple is stashed between bushes, yet a visit to this temple will create a new beginning in our lives


The legend has it that one day the great sage Gorakka Siddha on his way to the pilgrimage, took rest in the hut near the temple. He was much tired and slept for the whole night in that hut. In the morning he was bewildered to see a women sleeping just beside him and her sarees’s end was in the hands of the sage. He was shocked, immediately severed his hand and did penance towards lord Shiva. The lord was touched by his diligence and blessed him with his hand, ergo came the name of the village Korukkai.


All Shiva temples will have one Nandi (bull) before the Lord but out of usual there are two nandis before Lord Shiva and Goddess Puspavathi and it is believed that if we offer cashew and groundnut garland to the Nandis, our struggles will cease and we will have good fortune.

Preferred stars:

Avittam starrers are advised to visit this temple to release themselves from their planetary effects and to break the obstacles in their marriage and child birth.


Maha Shivaratri is celebrated in grandeur.


The temple is open from 11 am to 1 pm then from 5 pm to 6 pm.


This temple is located in Keezha Korukkai Village near Kumbakonam district.
Bus:Buses from Kumbakonam bus stand will take you to this village.
Train:The nearest railway station is at Kumbakonam.
Airport:Trichy international airport is the nearest one to this temple.

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