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Paradise Beach

The word Paradise brings us the image of beauty, fantasy and spectacle. You can experience all these pleasures in the sands of Paradise beach, which floats serenely some few km away from Pondicherry. This beach is originally known as Plage Paradiso, which in French means Paradise beach. This beach gives a break from the mundane city life and its tranquil ambiance adds on to its sublime beauty.

Paradise Beach:

This beach can be reached only through ferries, it is a 15 minutes ride from Chunnambar resort to this beach, and the ferry ride will surely be very exhilarating and thrilling. There are small stalls and hut for foods and dressing, the pier in the see will enable you to see many colorful fishes and algae. It will be a very smoothening experience to stay in the shores for some time.

Other Attractions:

Chunnambar beach and back water resort: This resort is very trendy and lovely, it is a perfect place to relax against the ripples of the waves dashing against the rocks. PTDC is in charge of this back water resort and it collects Rs-5 per person, if you take camera with you then you have to pay Rs 15. After a warm stroll in the resort have some tangy food in the nearby restaurant.
Facilities: There are well maintained rest rooms, and dressing rooms. You can take a drive in Jet Ski or in ferries.

How To Reach

Bus : There are lots of busses from Chennai and Cuddalore to Pondicherry. From Pondicherry you have to take a ferry ride to reach this beach.
Train : Pondicherry railway station is will connected to all cities in Tamilnadu. So there will be surplus train to and fro Pondicherry.
Airport : Pondicherry airport is handy.

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