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Nizamabad is where you need to heed, if you are looking for a place rich is heritage, natural beauty and spending ambiance. Nizamabad is a blend of all and attracts tourist at a large number every year. This city has a rich history and dotted with lots of historical monuments, which were testimonies of our past dynasties. As rulers of diverse religion and region had ruled this region, we can witness different cultural forms, and architectural styles. . Nizamabad offers a colorful atmosphere to keep your spirits high on your holiday. Following are the places not to miss in Nizambad.

Nizamabad Fort :

Behold the majestic fort which is known for its blend of power, elegance and architectural brilliance. This amazing fort was built during the reign of Rashtraputhas in around 10th century. This beautiful fort stands atop a picturesque hillock, at an altitude of 300 meters. Though this fort has undergone various modification, its charm and charisma is the same. The temple of Rama in the fort was built by the great Chatrapathi Shivaji. Another notable features of this fort are the huge corridors, mandaps and the mahamandaps in the temple are awe-inspiring.

Alisagar Reservoir:

One of the prominent attractions at Nizamabad is the Alisagar Reservoir. This reservoir is frequented by lots of tourist and visitors every day. The sprawling 33 acres of garden is a visual treat with lush greenery and a flower garden. You could also find a tree house and deer park in the garden. One can also have pleasure of paddling boat in the small lake in the garden. This place is surely a visual treat to all the beholder.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary:

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is not to miss destination at Nizamabad. The 130 sq km sanctuary is a safe haven to various wild life including leopard, wolf, chital, sloth bear, sambar, jackal and peacock. If you are a keen bird watcher, then this sanctuary is your piece of cake, as this sanctuary is filled with lots of birds. The watchtower at the thick of the forest offers excellent view of the dense forest and the lake here. A small dam across the river Manjeera, is a refreshing spot for the tourists as public are allowed to engage in fun walking and swimming in the water.

Archaeological and Heritage Museum:

The Archaeological and Heritage Museum was inaugurated in 2001. You need to visit the museum to have an insight into the lives and styles of ancient people in this region. The three sections in the museum namely sculptural gallery, archaeological section and bronze decorative gallery have on display various unique collections that reflect the civilization of ancient times. Sculptural gallery houses sculptures of various periods. The sculptures display the artisanship of the bygone era. The archaeological section houses tools belonging to periods from 50000 BC to 5000 BC. Other collections in the section include pottery, beads, terracotta, coins and many more.

Pochampad Dam :

Pochampad Dam, one amongst the biggest projects for irrigation serves five districts namely Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. The dam site is so amazing that it is frequented by visitors. Sree Ram Mandir located near the dam draws more people to the place.

This dam is mainly built for irrigation purpose and is the only water source, for the five districts namely Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. The dam give a panoramic view from atop, and so it attracts lots of visitors. Sree Ram Mandir located near the dam, is yet another attraction to the dam.

Mallaram Forest :

Forget yourself in the lush greens of Mallaram forest. This forest is a sheer bliss for the adventure seekers and is worth visiting. This forest is developing into eco-tourism site, and in order to attract more tourist small huts are built on the hillock overlooking the picturesque overlooking Mallaram cheruvu. One of the highlights of Mallaram Forest is the 1.45 billion year old rock that underlines the ancient element to this place.


The stunning architecture of the ancient temple Kanteshwar draws your attention immediately. The temple was built by Satakarni II, a famous Satavahana king. Over 500 years old, the temple is a fine example of architectural splendor of the era. The temple’s architecture is influenced by North Indian style. Kanteshwar temple witnesses a massive gathering every year during Rathasapthami.

Nizamabad which is located in Telangana takes you to the past as it makes a compelling presentation of the culture and lifestyle of the ancient people who lived and flourished here. With its rich history, colorful culture and amazing picturesque landscapes, tourist places in Nizamabad makes a perfect place to spend holiday, which could be entertaining and educating.

How to reach Nizamabad :

Nizamabad is well connected to all parts of India through all three means Air, Flight and train.

Flight : The nearest airport to Nizamabad is in Hyderabad (200 km). From Hyderabad one can hire a cab or take a bus to Nizamabad. Another option is Vishakhapatnam airport which is 104 kms away from Nizamabad.

Train : The Nizamabad is well connected by rail to all the major cities of South and Central India, namely, Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal, Bangalore, Nagpur and other cities in Andhra Pradesh.

Bus : From Hyderabad there busses to Nizamabad for every fifteen seconds. There are a lot of private Volvo buses plying as well. From Nizamabad bus stand busses to Hyderabad, Bangalore and Vishakhapatnam are available.

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