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Manarcad Perunnal

Manarcad Perunnal is one of the Popular Festival of Christian Community’s in Manarcad at Kottayam District . This is an annual fiesta celebrated every year & the venue is St. Mary’s Church at Manarcad. This Perunnal is considered as one of the famous festival of Christian community. Manarcad Perunnal is also known as Ettunobbu Perunnal which lasts for eight days continuously & devotees observes fasting on these days.During these days devotees usually used to stay in churches from morning to night. Grand Procession is one of the main attraction of this festival .The procession carries golden crosses with colorful umbrellas. Last three days are more important where thousands of devotes gathered together for the grand procession .
As an offering devotes used to offer Parasols (Umbrella) to Lord Muthukkuda. And the Manarcad Perunnal is celebrated from 1st September to 8th September every year.

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