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Kapu Beach

How about spending your holidays in one of the most beautiful beaches of India? Yes, it is Kaup beach or Kapu beach in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Driving through the scenic roads, it will be a pleasant experience driving with the palm trees on both sides along the Mangalore-Bangalore highways.
Just by looking at the Kapu beach, you can realize that it is one of the secret treasures of Karnataka. The tranquil ambience around with less crowd and the huge water surface before you make you feel as if the time has frozen.
Besides the other regular activities you get involved in any beach, Kapu beach deserves a special mention for the exotic moments of Sunset. If you can plan your itinerary so as to be present at the seashore closer to the time of sunset, that will be the best part of your tour to Karnataka.
The setting of sun paints the entire area into golden shade, an awesome scene of beauty to behold. The sun starts spreading its hues all over, with a perfect timing and lighting effects. The sun magically turns into a complete orange ball and gets immersed into the sea. You have to see it to believe the moments of beauty at its best.
Another interesting aspect of the Kapu Beach is the Lighthouse which was erected in 1901 and is still functioning. The travellers and the locals can visit into the lighthouse from 5pm to 7pm every day. The steep and spiral staircases inside the enclosed lighthouse leads to the upper chamber from where looking at the sea and its gushing waves is a bliss !
Udupi is the nearest spiritual centre at a distance of just 16km and can be a part of your itinerary during your trip to Kapu beach.
Plan a trip to Kapu beach, one of the best beach destinations in Karnataka !

How To Reach Kapu :

Air : Mangalore is the airport nearest to Kapu, from where you can hire a taxi to reach the destination which is at 40 kms
Train : Udupi is the railway station nearest to Kapu which is at a distance of 18 kms.
Road : Kapu Beach is well connected with the nearby cities of Karnataka and people prefer to travel from Bangaluru by road to enjoy the scenic routes embraced with nature’s beauty.

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