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Kaartha Sundareshwarar Temple

Temple Peculiarity:

Kaartha Sundareshwarar temple is housed in a petite city called Kanjanagaram near Mayiladuthurai district. This temple is a hoary temple and is the birth place of Manakkanjar, one of the 63 Saivite Nayanmars. In this temple Lord Shiva as a Swayambu lingam poses admiringly in his sanctum sanctorum facing west which is very rare.


Back then the sages in Kanjanagaram were highly affected by the barbarity of the demons Padmasura, Singamukha and the rest, so they appealed to Goddess Parvathi to annihilate these giants. Goddess Parvathi took this to Lord Shiva, forgetting that he was engrossed in Katrajyothi Yoga. Being interrupted in the middle of the Yoga Lord Shiva got furious and opened his eyes from which scattered the six sparks of light. These lights sparks coalesced into one named Karthikeya, who later killed the giants. This place takes the pride in being God Muruga’s (Karthikeya) birth place. Also the Karthigai maidens who took care of Lord Murugan were also born here. Hence this temple is attributed to Karthigai star.


The temple is active from 10.00 am to 11.00 am and in the evening from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
Preferred Star : Karthigai starrers are advised to light sand lamps before the shrine during Prathosams and to do special poojas (offerings) to get rid of their sins.
Specialty : People suffering from diseases, obstacles in weddings or child birth and planetary effects will find a solution if they visit this temple regularly and offer prayers to the God.

How To Teach

Kanjanagaram is at a distance of 8 km from Mayiladuthurai.
Bus : Buses to this temple can be found easily in Mayiladuthurai bus stand.
Rail : Nearest railway station is in Mayiladuthurai from where you have to take bus or taxi to reach this temple.
Airport : Trichy airport is very handy for this temple.

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