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Gokarna Beach

The world is full of interesting things getting unfolded when explored for. Are you a travel freak searching for unique tourist destinations? Are you looking out for some unusual experiences and amazing moments of memories to be tucked in the corner of your heart forever? Then, plan a trip to Gokarna, the idyllic beach destination in the South Indian state Karnataka.
The most scenic beaches you find in Gokarna gives you the answer for the continuous influx of tourists from all corners of the country and the globe. Gokarna is also a renowned spiritual centre thronged by devotees as well. The most popular beaches in Gokarna are Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach listed in the topographical order.
Being popular as a perfect weekend getaway spot, Gokarna attracts lot of tourists from Bangalore and other nearby cities with its architecturally wonderful temples and tranquil beaches.
Out of all, Kudle beach is the most frequented one by travellers and the locals alike. Climbing a small hillock, you are struck with the unending expanse of the sea in front of you. Water around you and the sound of the waves gushing without interruption make you freeze with the moment. The heavy water currents may prevent you from exploring into the ocean, but you can be simply drenching into the nature’s beauty for any length of time.
You may plan to visit the Om beach after Kudle beach. At the end of the Kudle beach, you find a narrow path leading to a hills, following which will take you to a point, where you have the complete awesome view of the Om beach. The beach is shaped as the word OM and thus is the name of the beach. You can find the Om beach is more rockier and water currents are still deeper than the Kudle Beach. So no more adventures are to be tried to avoid any scary experiences. Walking along the beach either in the morning or evening can give you an wonderful experience of watching either sunrise or sunset.
Follow the narrow lane in front of you at the end of Om beach, which takes you to another wonderful coastal line and the scenic beach called Half Moon beach. When compared to the Kudle beach and the Om beach, the half-moon beach is less populated with only few adventurous souls scattered around. The beach gets its name from the exact shape of looking like a half moon with the vast water body tucked between the huge rocks. Paradise beach is still five kilometres away from where you are standing now.
Besides the beaches, Gokarna is a popular pilgrim destination thronged by devotees throughout the year. Historians have acclaimed that Gokarna is religiously sanctimonious place equivalent to Kashi in the Northern part of India. There are FIVE important temples to be visited in Gokarna.
Maha Ganapathy Temple, where you find a 1.3metres tall statue of Lord Ganesh made of black stone. Legends say that Lord Ganesh to be given priority as He was instrumental in protecting the Atma Lingam from the Demon King Ravana. Next is the Mahabaleshwar Temple, where the Atma Lingam is present, which is the one of its kind in the world. Mahabaleshwar temple is the most auspicious temple visited by the devotees throughout the year. Lord Shiva is present in the form of Lord Mahabaleshwar.
Badra Kali Temple, Tamra Gauri temple are those glorifying the consort of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati. Lord Vishnu also has a temple in Gokarna and He blesses His devotees in the Venkatramana Temple. All the temples have followed the Dravidian Style of Architecture with ornate facades and wonderfully sculpted figurines. All the temples are located at accessible distances across the corners of Gokarna which can be reached with ease.
How about the food in Gokarna? You have lot of eateries on the beach line offering you varieties of dishes highly unprecedented in that small region. Baked items, Pizzas, Pastas, French Fries and Hot Chocolates can be the choices in your list which are truly delicious. If you want to go for a traditional variety, you can visit Gokarna city and come back with more energy to enjoy the beauty of the beaches. You have variety of options to stay in the city of Gokarna. Else, if your heart thrives to stay closer to the sea and enjoy the sea breeze embracing your soul through night, shacks are the ideal options.
Gokarna unfolds in front of you with the long list of nature’s scenic beauty and man-made marvels amazing the mankind since centuries. Plan a trip to Gokarna, carry back loads of pleasant memories to relish forever.

How To Reach Gokarna :

Air : Dabolim in Goa is the airport nearest to Gokarna. Taxis or public transport sy>can be the choice to reach the destination.
Train : Ankola which is at a distance of 20km from Goakrna connects you easily with the destinations.
Road : Dabolim, Bangalore, Mangalore and Madgaon are the cities from where you can easily access the destination via the well linked road network.

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