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Alleppey Boathouse

Enjoy the Alleppey Boathouse backwaters in a deluxe style. A beautifully furnished vessel- The Alleppey Boathouse are ready for you. Actually only a cold fish can ignore the beauty of Alapuzha back waters where the lake water and coconut palms sing in a low but enchanting style. We have seen that you can get Alleppey Boathouse with one to seven bed rooms. It offers a 3 star facility while you relish the Alleppey backwater beauty.

Better facilities are given in an Alleppey Boathouse . The Alleppey back waters are pandemic with flocks of ducks and its grower follows in a magic wherry which can just occupy a man. And you would watch it from your Alleppey deluxe boat house. An Alleppey Boathouse, as we have seen, usually has an upper deck facility. You can get it on demand. Attempting an upper deck voyage through Alleppey backwater is fantastic as you came all the way to breeze and drizzle for you!

An Alleppey boathouse is a luxurious strong huge boat marvellously decorated with Palmyra leaves and bamboo mat. It may remind us of Chinese architecture, some times. Watching an Alleppey Boathouse in Alleppey backwaters would be a wonderful experience .Sitting in an Alleppey deluxe house boat one can enjoy eternal beauty of Alleppey backwaters. Throughout its shore, by summer, you can avail fresh ripen mango directly from the trees. Variety of species of mango trees are seen in the Alleppey backwater villages. With mango fruits and tender coconut water one can survive without any other food or drinks for months.

The wide spreading backwater wind itself has a sweet taste. Usually an Alleppey Boathouse is built with balcony. It offers an Ariel view of the wide spreading beauty. Alleppey house boats without balcony are also built. If you want to cool your mind and body Alleppey backwater will provide you cool breeze. Even in a non-A/c Alleppey Boathouse one can definitely tipple the endless beauty of Alleppey backwater and the sweet and highly nutritious tender coconut water.

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